TOMORROW: September 22 5:00PM-7:00PM – Patient Information Night Webinar

Join us on Tuesday September 22nd at 5:00-7:00PM to learn more about kidney stone-related topics and research on our Stone Centre Patient Information Webinar. This webinar will be hosted by various clinician who works with kidney stone patients on a daily basis to better their quality-of-life, and improve the health of those with kidney stones.
We will be discussing relevant topics (diets, imaging, stone surgery) related to kidney stones, our current state-of-the art research, and will also have a Q&A session where the panelists can answer questions you may have. Please find the schedule, and Zoom link below. 
The schedule for the Webinar: 
Sep.22 , 2020 5:00pm-7:00pm
5:00pm Introduction to the Stone Centre at VGH
Dr. Ben Chew, Urologist
5:05-5:25pm Nephrology and Stones  
Dr. Nadia Zalunardo, Nephrologist 
5:25-5:45pm Kidney Stone Prevention Diet
Ms. Judith Andrews, Dietitian
Ms. Lynn Tomita, Dietitian
5:45-6:10pm How often should I get x-rays? What type of x-ray? What should I do about a small stone left behind?
Dr. Ben Chew, Urologist
6:10-6:40pm Cutting Edge Research at the Stone Centre at VGH
Dr. Dirk Lange, Researcher
Dr. Ben Chew, Urologist/Researcher
6:40-6:55pm Questions and Answers Session 
Dr. Dirk Lange, Researcher
Dr. Ben Chew , Urologist/Researcher
Dr. Nadia Zalunardo
Ms. Judith Andrews, Dietitian
Ms. Lynn Tomita, Dietitian
6:55-7:00pm Wrap-up
Zoom Link: 
You are invited to a Zoom Webinar
When: Sep 22, 2020 05:00 PM Vancouver
Topic: VGH Stone Centre Patient Information Session

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