Dietary Advice for Kidney Stones

Dietary management of kidney stones disease – *please note: kidney stones are a multi-factorial disease dependent on not only diet but also on an individuals genetics and environment. Every person’s stone disease is unique and each of these factors may contribute in different amounts depending on the person. That being said, a preventative diet is still a good way to fight your stone disease.

Fluid Intake: The single most important dietary change that an individual can do to prevent kidney stones is to increase their fluid intake. This is true regardless of the stone type/composition. By increasing your fluid intake you decrease the concentration of solutes in the urine that contribute to kidney stones. Increasing your fluid intake also results in more frequent urination which means that the various components of kidney stones are more likely to exit through your body in your urine as opposed to binding and forming stones in your kidney. (For specific advice on how much water you should drink refer to the “Fluid Intake for Stone Disease” page in the menu.)

Specific Dietary Advice

Oxalate and Stone Disease

Calcium and Stone Disease

Salt and Stone Disease

Citrate and Stone Disease

Protein and Stone Disease

Fluid Intake and Stone Disease

KIDNEY STONE TREATMENT – Dr. Elspeth McDougall’s handout and what she recommends to patients.