Mission and goals

Our Mission

To improve the lives of our patients by constantly improving the treatment of patients with kidney stones and furthering our understanding of the basic mechanisms of kidney stone formation so that we may, in future, prevent kidney stones in patients.

Our Goals

The Department of Urologic Sciences & The Stone Centre will strive to:

  • Provide state of the art, evidence-based healthcare delivery to regional, provincial, national and international communities through an integrated, inter-disciplinary professional team of clinicians, surgeons, and researchers.
  • Support and strengthen the pillars of UBC’s vision: people, learning, community service, research and internationalization.
  • Provide a provincial hub for health research and education and policy making; focusing on health as well as illness.
  • Translate basic science research evidence directly to clinical research and improve clinical care.
  • Implement multidisciplinary and trans-disciplinary partnerships within UBC, other universities, hospitals and all levels of government, to facilitate the mission.
  • Provide excellent training to clinical and research trainees and scientists committed to the study and management of genitourinary diseases.
  • Provide comprehensive undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and continuing health education.