Our Team

The Stone Centre is composed of a diverse team of medical specialists, researchers, and students that work together to best meet the needs of our patients and lead the way in the research field.

Our core clinicians and researchers are:

Dr. Ben Chew – Urologist

Dr. Ryan Paterson – Urologist

Dr. Elspeth McDougall – Urologist

Dr. Dirk Lange – Research and Lab Director

Victor Wong – Clinical Research Coordinator

Our associate members are:

Dr. Christopher Nguan – Urologist

Dr. Kiara Hennesey – Urologist

Dr. Allen Rowley – Radiologist

Dr. Charles Zwirewich – Radiologist

Dr. Jean Buckley – Radiologist

Dr. Jacek Jastrzebski – Nephrologist

Dr. Nadia Zalunardo – Nephrologist

Dr. Michael Copland – Nephrologist

Dr. John Duncan – Nephrologist

Dr. Suneet Singh – Nephrologist

Judith Andrews – Dietitian

Lynn Tomita – Dietitian

Our students are:

Jonathan Lim – Work Learn Student, UBC

Wai Ho Choy – M.Sc Student, UBC

Elliya Park – M.Sc Student, UBC

Karen Lin – B.Sc Student, UBC

Arielle Locke – M.Sc Student, UBC